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Youth Committee Laguna Niguel
What to Wear To an Interview
Proper Dress, Attire & Personal Hygiene
Dress with confidence and success in preparation for an interview. A clean professional appearance will serve you well in any interview setting. Appropriate dress makes a responsible impression and projects a positive image to the interviewer. Inappropriate dress makes a strong negative statement and may eliminate you from serious consideration during the interview process.

Depending on the accepted form of dress at the interview site, follow these guidelines for proper dress standards in preparation for the interview.

For Men
Wear a clean conservative, two-piece suit with a white long sleeve dress shirt and a simple tie. Optional apparel: Wear dress pants, a sport coat with a white long sleeve dress shirt and a simple tie. Color of suit apparel should be navy blue or gray, with a dark blue striped tie. A contrasting color is acceptable, but the predominant color should be the same as your suit. Do not wear loud colors. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry. Wear basic brown or black leather shoes.

For Women
Wear a clean relatively conservative dress or pant suit. Wear a white or pastel long sleeve blouse if you are wearing a suit. Avoid wearing v-neck blouses, tight fitting clothing and short dresses or skirts. If you choose to use accessories such as scarves or handkerchiefs, be sure they compliment your outfit. Wear conservative leather shoes. Avoid loud colors; do not wear shoes with two tone colors. Do not wear shoes with very high heels. Avoid excessive jewelry. Do not carry purses or oversized handbags.

For Men and Women
Depending on the job description, carrying a brief case to the interview is either recommended or not necessary. In a highly business oriented environment, it is considered well prepared, organized and professional. In a non-professional environment, carrying a brief case would not be necessary. If carrying a brief case, bring a watch, a pen and pencil, legal tablet, copies of your letters of recommendation, and copies of your resume.

Personal Hygiene
Be clean and well presented. Shower, wash and comb your hair. Fingernails should be trimmed and attractive. Men should be clean-shaven. Use deodorant. Use a breath freshener or a mint before the interview. Avoid using excessive cologne or heavy make up.