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Setting a Job Objective
Basic Steps
What do you want to do? What are you trying to do? What kind of job do you want? By answering these questions at the beginning of your job search, you create a job-hunting goal, a well-defined specific objective you use to focus your resumes, cover letters and interviews. By accepting responsibility for all you career planning in a methodical and deliberate approach, you can progress from indecision to a plan of action.

There are five basic steps in setting a job objective:
  1. Self assessment - Deciding who you are, what you like and what you want; chart your interests, values, skills and abilities and personality type.
  2. Job assessment - Researching the job and career that fits your interests and needs; what do you want to do? What job would make you happy? What would make you motivated?
  3. Informational interviewing - Interviewing experts in the fields that interest you is that most effective way of accessing other careers. Concentrate on getting a sense of feel for the business on the job itself.
  4. Weighing career alternatives - Determining whether to quit your job, whether to look for a job in a new area, or whether to stay right where you are in the same job or career.
  5. Career counseling - Meeting with career counselors who can administer assessment tests, help you decide on a career area, and then advise you on job-hunting techniques.

Special note: Working as a volunteer reflects positive personal characteristics and serves to provide you with a higher sense of self worth, accomplishment, and free job training in a true working environment.