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How to Write a Follow-Up Letter
While thanking the interviewer is technically the reason for a follow-up letter, what you are actually doing is taking advantage of a sales opportunity. A follow-up letter is often your last chance to convince a prospective employer that you are the right person for the job.

To make the best impression, write and send a thank you note on the same day as your interview.

Listed below are guidelines to writing a follow-up letter:
  1. Keep your letter short: one page or less.
  2. Remind the prospective employer of your interview. Restate that you are very interested in the exact position for which you applied.
  3. Present a sales message to reconfirm your qualifications of the job and remind the prospective employer again of your interest and repeat the highlights of the interview.
  4. Recap and close your letter as you opened it. The last paragraph in your follow-up letter should be essentially a repeat of your opening: thank the interviewer again for his or her time, restate how interested you are in the position and why you are qualified.
  5. When you write your follow-up letter, remember the following details:
    1. Address the follow-up letter to the job interviewer.
    2. Call to confirm the name of the person who should receive the letter.
    3. Confirm the spelling and pronunciation of the name of the person to whom you will be mailing the letter.
    4. Confirm the title of the person to whom you will be mailing the letter.
    5. Mail an original copy of your letter, not a photocopy to the interviewer.
    6. Sign your follow-up letter with a blue or black ink pen.
    7. Be sure the envelope is typed, not hand addressed.