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How To Prepare for a Job Interview
The interview stage of your job search is the most critical and will probably determine if you are hired for the job. Listed below are guidelines and important factors that will assist you in learning how to prepare for a job interview:
  1. Research the company and obtain a complete job description of the position for which you are applying.
  2. Practice taking simulated interviews. Rehearse answering sample questions and then have your performance evaluated. Tape-record your verbal responses to interview questions for better analysis.
  3. Visit the interview site prior to the day of the interview and familiarize your self with the environment.
  4. Dress and groom yourself properly for the interview.
  5. Arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of your interview, but do not expect to be interviewed before your scheduled interview time.
  6. When you are called into the interview room, smile sincerely, make direct eye contact with the interviewer, introduce yourself and extend your right hand with a firm, but not viselike handshake.
  7. Project a positive attitude; be confident, friendly, and personable. This will create a good impression in the first five minutes of the interview.
  8. Sell yourself to the interviewer. Gear your responses to your job objective by emphasizing your work skills, interpersonal skills, and your job experience.
  9. Highlight your current job skills and duties that are related to your new job.
  10. Emphasize specific accomplishments. Demonstrate how you have improved or could improve employee morale, motivation and performance.
  11. Be professional at all times during the interview. Look directly at the interviewer while talking, but do not stare at the recruiter, which could be perceived as challenging or arrogant.
  12. Speak positively of persons you have encountered in school, job training or the workplace.
  13. Listen carefully to the questions being asked and react to the interviewer in a straight and professional manner. Try to answer a negative question with a positive response.
  14. Believe in yourself that you are the best candidate for the job. Express what you can do for the company by demonstrating justification for hire.
  15. Wait for the interviewer to close the interview. Thank the interviewer for the meeting and repeat how much you are interested in the job and how qualified you are for the position.