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How to Complete an Employment Application
Filling out an employment application is the first major step in getting hired for a job. Many people underestimate the importance of properly completing the application and as a result, eliminate themselves from getting an interview.

Listed below are important guidelines to consider when filling out your employment application:
  1. Before you fill out the application, read the Job Announcement or Job Bulletin to determine if you possess the qualifications and skills for the job for which you are applying.
  2. In order to apply for a job, you must have the following legal documents:
    1. Social Security Card
    2. Work Permit (if under the age of 16)
    3. Valid CA Driver’s License (if required by employer)
    4. You must also be willing to take a physical examination, including drug testing.
  3. Review the employment application and read all the information carefully before filling out the application. Take note that completion of the application form is part of the examination process for all jobs.
  4. Print, using black or blue ink or typewriter and answer all of the questions accurately and completely.
  5. Always indicate the title of the position for which you are applying at the top of the application.
  6. When completing personal data information, use only your full legal name: first, last and middle.
  7. Education and training information should include job related organizations, special qualifications and skills, memberships and certificates.
  8. Remember to list your employment history and experience beginning with you present and most recent job first. Be specific when describing your duties performed.
  9. Contact each personal and professional reference and obtain their permission before you list them as a reference on your application. Include correct telephone numbers with area codes for easy contact.
  10. Carefully examine all grammar, punctuation and spelling on your application. These types of mistakes are all too common and will quickly eliminate you from job consideration.
  11. Carefully check the accuracy of all information you have listed on your application. Remember, all statements in your application are subject to verification and false information may disqualify you or remove you from employment.
  12. Sign and date you employment application. This is most important. Failure to sign and date your application may automatically disqualify you from getting an interview.
  13. Your employment application is a legal document and should be completed as such. Review your application one final time to make certain it is thorough, complete and professional.